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Well, there is nothing I can say besides you guys ROCK!!!! Thank you so much....looking forward your new models coming in!!!! I haven't Seen any of your original design on any other "Brazilian pants" websites! You guys have got to have the best customer service I ever had.

~ Talk to you soon, Orane ~

I went to a big show and practically everyone, and I really mean everyone was asking me where I got my jeans. These are unbelievable!

~ Penny ~

"I really like the jeans--They are awesome! They fit, feel, and look great. I think your jeans are the best in the world. Thanks"

~ Genny, Japan ~

Hey! The Totally Hot Blue Swarovski Crystal Jeans fit great. The fabric is definitely sexy and they have a stunning low rise. They are really cute and so sensual. I think these jeans are perfect! Also, your shipping was much quicker than expected. Thanks!

~ K. J. ~

"I bought these for this hot girl, now she's even hotter--she's burnin' my eyes out now."

~ John, Utah ~

I love the jeans you sent me

~ katona ~

I recieved my jeans yesterday and I LOVE them!! They are awesome. I would like to get some more from you.

~ Marcie ~

I really really LOVE your Ultra Low rise jeans with Swarovski.

~ josie ~

I cannot thank you enough!!! I am sure my niece feels the same. She loves all of your nice jeans, I spotted a few things myself!!! THANK YOU, ever so much, I will email her right away and let her know!!!

~ Sincerely, Diana Morton ~

Hello, I would like to say that I really like your site because your jeans look really hot. I'm going to buy some for my wife as soon as possible.

Thanks, Thomas

No one has jeans like GroovyJeans.com! I like your jeans.


Groovy Jeans are the best fitting jeans that i have ever bought before; and i got them from a best friend. How lovely fitting they are—they even make me look alot smaller in my waist line. I reaally could use another pair of the groovy jeans. They are the best.

Thanks grooovy again. Beverly

I love my Groovy Jeans!


Are you tired of people asking you where's your booty? Go to www.GroovyJeans.com and you will never hear that comment AGAIN!! They have jeans that make your booty look BOOTYLICIOUS! Finally a company that hears your PAIN! THANK YOU!!!

M. B.

Im the type of girl that flings on any type of jeans with a wardrobe full of 'jeans' and still look damn right sexy, you cant get betta than groovy jeans!!!


Groovy Jean has so many cute sexy and up to style jeans

T. Cook

I told all of my friends that i got them at GroovyJeans and there all buying them now. Try them there worth it.


I LOVE E'm And Everything About E'm!


I could not just buy one pair i had to buy about 8-10 pair of these jeans. I went nuts and could not make up my mind which one to get... and the sales girls are the best very nice people to deal with. I'm a bartender and because of my groovy jeans all the guys come in the bar and check me out. They all want to buy this type of jeans to they girl friend or wife and i tell them about this website because you guys are great and i want to help you sell a lots of this jeans. These jeans are very unique, sexy, hot-hot-hot, and a well-made piece of work. Believe me i will be back again for some more ...good luck and what can i say ? i love you guys...

Best regard Hajnalka

My body type is different from ost girls. My body is thicker and i only can wear jeans that hug my body and when i found out about Groovyjeans.com, i was so happy because now i can buy so many pants that look great on me for a good price. No more going to the stores for hours. Now i can just go on the computer and find what im looking for!

S. P.

Keep making hott jeans!


I love Grooveyjeans!!! They make all the cute guys look at me and they are super comfortable.


All my friends ask me about the jeans i have from GroovyJeans. Totaly unique in Sweden and Europe! Shape, quality, and fit is so great. It makes me feel good and nice, and increases my confidence. The best a women can get. I am worth it.


These Brasilian jeans are the best i have ever had in my life.


My Groovyjeans, help me find my soul mate.


Boy, in all the years struggling to find jeans in the uk that fit my unique frame, small uk size 7ish, and now i find this company; I will promote it big time in the U.K. I wish someone had told me about it sooner.


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