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What is RSS, and why is it so cool?

In short, it's a way to make the world wide web come to you, on demand, so that you can get more done, with less work and less clutter. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a specially formatted webpage that allows you subscribe to many websites and blogs. The advantage are:

  • You can then easily and quickly see updates to any of these websites at any time, without having to go there and visit them.
  • You can subscribe to 1 or 100 RSS feeds, and they all appear in a single location such as in Internet Explorer or Firefox, so that you don't have to visit the same 1 or 100 different sites every time you want ro revisit them.
  • If you prefer, even the home pages of popular sites like Google, Yahoo, and MSN all let you use them to build your own RSS reading portal in a matter of seconds, containing your favorite RSS feeds. Now you have a homepage with up-to-date snippets from all your favorite sites.
  • It's better than email because RSS only shows the current information, and does not clutter your inbox full of unwanted and quickly outdated emails.
  • You may notice that RSS is very popular for news sites like CNN, most any blog, as well as big sites like Ebay and Amazon.

What is the's RSS Feed? RSS feeds will let you watch any categories you want to see the latest product updates and additions, and promotions. Subscribe now and never miss a new product release again.

How do I subscribe to's RSS Feed?

The two easiest ways are: the one built into your browser, or, a free web-based one.

For example, if you use Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox, just visit any RSS enabled page, and you will see at the top "Subscribe to this feed" Now you will have a new bookmark that shows the contents of that webpage and you can monitor it for changes without having to go to the site. In fact, if you use Firefox, you may have noticed that by default it comes already subscribed to "Latest Headlines" (in your bookmarks).

For web-based RSS readers, Log into MyMSN , MyYahoo! , Google Reader or Bloglines and click the button(s) on the right to add feeds from your favorite sites.

If you have a "stand-alone" or "plugin" style reader, simply copy the url of actual RSS page (always ends in .XML) into your reader subscription section (use "RSS-Lite 2.0" for text only readers). Each reader is a little different, so instructions may vary from reader to reader.

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